To date, there are two subcultures in graffiti

The first and commonly known one is bombing.
The main motto of bombing is The more the better. Generally, bombing is aimed at nothing else but self-realization, but at the same time, the variety of drawing manners, styles and methods keeps surprising. Typically, bombers draw the names of crews or their own nicknames, sometimes slogans, ideas, and less often - characters. Everything is repeatedly drawn and copied in large proportions and numbers. The task is to create an environment of your own, just like you want it to be and to challenge everything and everybody, proclaiming yourself the king.
Sometimes bombing borders on vandalism. Perhaps it is due to the writer's lack of both experience and confidence in his/her own abilities, as well as because of lack of self-respect and respect to the environment.

The second trend is street-art, the art of images.
Haste in conquering the whole world is not characteristic for street-art. Instead, each small detail, every line, shadow and colour are important. Everything depends on the writer. The drawing style can be either minimalistic or wild. Anything the writer chooses for! Remember about reverence and restraint. Here, in the writer's world, you are a passing by critic and beholder, while he is an artist, and the walls around are his gallery. The writer is the master of drawing on the walls and hand-painting. Theses are people who set the trends.
So, if we blend these two trends, add stencils, which are used both in bombing and in street-art, add individual vision, we get graffiti in the end. This 'unofficial art' is considered a part of hip-hop culture. But it has already grown and developed further. And now this term is used in a wider sense, developing apart from everything else.

If you are interested in this trend, and you would like to join, do not hurry all at once to stock up boxes of paint and draw on all the walls in a row, it is advisable to study the theory first, so the public is not given another reason to assume that all writers are unestablished artists, while all their works are just vandalism.



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