Bagong Mukha sa Pera ng Pinas

Nagdadalawang isip talaga ako kung tangapin ko bang perang ito...

Bago kasi sa paningin at parang D ito tangapin pagbibili ako pano kasi ilang bisis nang magpalit ng pera ang BSP o ang gobyerno.

bakit kelangan laging baguhin ang itsura ng pera?
Anong reason?

kung ako ang tanongin nyo isa lang masagot ko EWAN!

ipinaliwanag ng BSP na kailangang baguhin ang disenyo ng
pera upang mapahusay ang mga security features nito at madaling mabisto ng publiko ang huwad na pera.

Ah..kaya naman pala dahil may idinagdag na features.

ilan sa mga security features nito ay mababasa sa baba:
Security Features:
(1) embossed prints
(2) serial number
(3) security fibers
(4) watermark
(5) see-through mark
(6) concealed value
(7) security thread
(8) optically variable device
(9) optically variable ink

Makikita rin sa bagong disenyo ng mga perang papel ang lagda ni Aquino.

"It does make me happy, as a son and as a Filipino, to have my parents in the same bank note.
It is a testament to what they sacrificed for our people, and a testament to their love for our country," pahayag ni Aquino.

Totoo din po ba eto? si people's Champ nasa P5 peso?

Hmmm..pwede siguro D man nasali na binago ang P5 peso...malaki rin nagawa ni Pacman sa bansa pwede din..Siguro


Vote for the Puerto Princesa Underground River | Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

Vote for the Puerto Princesa Underground River | Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines
puerto princesa underground riverThe Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan, Philippines is composed of a long mountain landscape and a beautiful, breathtaking subterranean river that winds through a cave that has been carved into shape by the giant hand of nature. So it comes as no surprise that the Puerto Princesa Underground River has made it as one of the 28 finalists in the global search for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

 voting online at www.new7wonders.com, or—simpler—by texting PPUR to 2861


Article Directories

Article technology and submission is one other type of generated
content material that you need to consider using.
An article accepted onto a quality article site can produce a relevant
content link to your website, and extra visitors benefits. Not only will
you acquire visitors from guests to the article directory, however fresh pages
on quality sites and found and indexed quickly.

One thing I would say is that I feel lots of people who use article
submissions, either as a linkbuilding strategy, or for advertising and marketing
purposes are focusing on the wrong strategy. The main focus seems to
be on generating increasingly and extra articles all the time, and
rarely focussing on enhancing the rankings of the the articles they
already have.

Visit a web site like ezine articles and take a look at the average view
counts for many articles. They are LOW LOW LOW! So they're
evidently getting no site visitors internally, and rarely rank effectively enough in
the SERP's on their very own to herald visitors themselves. And the way
lengthy can you keep churning out articles of any quality so that they get

Certainly the focus needs to be on generating small numbers of
wonderful high quality articles, and then building their URL's into your
linkbuilding campaigns? Make them a part of your “firewall”, and
build their own SERP positions at the similar time. That manner they not
solely produce a decent quality hyperlink, but they will then use the
advantages of being on a respected domain and being powered up
by hyperlinks to generate their own traffic.

I will surely relatively spend my time build up links to a couple
articles that give me a strong links and that folks might learn,
than continually generating articles and making an attempt to get them


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3D Computer Animation The Skills and Training You Need

3d animation or graphics make use of a 3 dimensional depiction of content that is in geometric form for the reason of rendering images that are in two dimensional forms. The usage of 3d animation may be immense. It may be used in computer graphic applications, making 3d animation games and even cartoon films for the kids. 3d animation may also be used in corporate reports and in websites and consequently because of their three dimensional nature make a better impact and sound understanding.

Similarity and difference between 3d animation and 2d animation

Although there is an entire dimension addition in 3d animation when compared to 2d, yet the basic algorithm on which 3d animation rely upon is the same in both the case. This simailarity is apparent in the wire frame format mainly.

The difference between the 2d and 3d animation is not enough. They both use each other to get the desired effects. For example 2d animation uses 3d effects like lighting and at the same time, the 3d animation uses rendering techniques that are taught in 2d. although there are differences like a 3d animation is technically not a graphic till the time it is rendered in such a way that visually it attains the stature of 3d. Thus, in order to be trained in 3d animation, one needs to be skilled in 2d graphics as well.

3d animation training

Bringing characters to life is not as easy as it appears. It needs a lot of practice and hard work. Although with a proper training in visual effects and an in-depth knowledge of 2d graphics and 3d animation, one can easily create, out of the world website, design products, make games that truly belong to the next generation and much more.

The answer such high goals and aspirations is a thorough and strong knowledge of Graphics and the various packages that may help you to render a sketch into life. Some of the packages that may make you a skilled in 3d animation are flash, macromedia etc. But before you know such 3d animation packages, it’s always advised to have an idea and perfection in packages like Photoshop that forms the basis of any graphic activity.

The 3d animation is taught in various schools and institutes focused in animation and communication design. Different institutes have different curriculum to offer its students in order to train them into skilled animators. Usually, computer animation courses include 2d and 3d animation, digital arts, digital animation course, editing and visual effect course etc.

The best part about 3d animation is that even professionals can excel the art by doing some online courses in the same field that enriches their art further and make them further skilled and expertise animators.

The Basic 3d animation knowledge

·Developing primary characters by using bouncing ball principle.
·Understanding the anatomy of the character and setting models with the help of knowledge in proportions.
·Colour theory knowledge.
·Bone structure and skin textures.
·Colour rendering.

The Intermediate 3d animation skills
·Modeling the character and understanding mesh tool.
·Shading skills
·Sketching and rigging skills.
·Software knowledge and making their use.

Advanced 3d animation training
·Conceptualizing an animation along with facial features and creating full fleshed characters.
·Making short animation movie.
·Shading, lighting and rendering using layers.
·Giving the final fluid effect. Practically using all the packages together along with sketching to get the perfection in 3d animation.


Easy Money?

I recently have seen more and more sites out there claiming you can make hundreds a day doing online surveys. Right!

The REAL TRUTH is most are scams and give you bogus or outdated information. I had actually signed up for one of these a few months back and was very disappointed to say the least. Oh yeah, and I made zero dollars.

However, the other night I was listening to a talk radio show and heard an interview with a CEO of a large company and he was talking about how they use independent research to evaluate their products and services. He went on to discuss how the internet has made it possible for them to get instant feedback from any population anywhere in the world. At the end, he mentioned the company and the site that people can sign up to participate. By the way, YES you get paid!

I signed up myself and I was amazed at the resources and professionalism of the entire site. I was able to sign up with different groups and started doing surveys immediately. The more surveys I did, the more I got paid! I’m still amazed and wanted to share it with a few close friends.

So if you’re looking for REAL SURVEY work then go here and check them out. They are for real!

The role of Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking provides valuable one way links to any page you choose and should be at the heart of your traffic strategy. To bookmark a website is an ongoing project.

You only stop promoting when you don’t want any more traffic (and when you stop wanting to make money!). The way I look at it is: if you don’t care enough to continue promoting your (adding Social Bookmarks) websites on a regular basis, why you would expect Google to keep paying attention to you?

What do you Bookmark?
You Bookmark every important page of your website
A very important point about Bookmarking is that people usually only bookmark the index page (or only one other page) of the website.

Always remember: Google ranks pages, not websites. If you want a page to rank, you need to send links to it. Each individual page needs to rank and stand on its own. Pick 2 or 3, or 20 main articles or your key product pages and add Social Bookmarks on a consistent basis. You don’t bookmark your privacy policy or other “support” pages . . . only the important ones.

And you need to “spread” the bookmarking out over time, and you will see these pages rank!

Social Bookmarking
By Howie Schwartz


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Search Engine Marketing With PPC: Tips for Beginners

Pay per click (PPC) is a quick method of getting your website listed in search engine results pages (SERPs).
Rather than waiting for your optimized web pages to get picked up by Google and the other top engines, you pay to have your website listed in special sections of the SERPs for given keywords.

When you use PPC marketing and get your link placed on the SERPs, it is not the same thing as taking the top spot on the page for a specific keyword.

Since paid links are placed along the top of the page and down the side with special highlighting or background, they are clearly distinguished as paid advertisements to to searchers.

Those who get on that first page through SEO will be listed underneath in order of ranking.

Just because paid links are separated on the page doesn't mean they don't get clicks. In fact, many people click more of those advertised links than others listed below because they are the first ones they see or because they seem to be more official because someone cared enough to pay for them to be listed.

There are some searchers who aren't as likely to click on ads placed by PPC because they feel they are just advertisements, there are many who do feel these links are more likely to give them value and they will click. Once they do place that click, you are on the hook for your bid price on the link.

Just as the name of this marketing strategy implies, you pay for every click that goes through from the search engine pages to your website.

This is why PPC has to be taken very seriously. All of these measures have to be taken before you even start placing bids and spending money with this type of marketing:

1. The website to be listed in the ads must be of very high quality and packed with valuable information.

It must be easy to navigate, well designed, aesthetically pleasing, and stacked with information or products that others will really want to read.

2. Keyword research must be completed to make sure the best keywords are targeted.

Every keyword must be tightly related to your website in some manner. Searchers typing in that keyword should find what they want when they click through to your website. Otherwise you are just wasting your time because people will click through, not find what they need, and click right back out. You still pay for their clicks.

3. Keywords with moderate to high searches but with low competition should be selected.

If you get into a battle with very competitive keywords you will pay a lot more for clicks and will be less likely to make it to the top positions on the SERPs.

4. A clear PPC budget should be drawn out and followed closely.

It is easy for some people to get so swept up in the battle for traffic that they spend way more than they ever stand to make from the traffic coming in. Or, they spend so much on a couple keywords that they cannot afford to continue campaigns with other keywords.

It is easier to keep a level head if there is a clear budget that you are determined to stick to.

When starting out, go through all of these steps before you start spending money with PPC. You will avoid a lot of costly beginner mistakes.
About the Author: Ian Cheow is the co-founder of OOm, an online marketing agency providing sem service. Find out more about sem at OOm Singapore.