The role of Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking provides valuable one way links to any page you choose and should be at the heart of your traffic strategy. To bookmark a website is an ongoing project.

You only stop promoting when you don’t want any more traffic (and when you stop wanting to make money!). The way I look at it is: if you don’t care enough to continue promoting your (adding Social Bookmarks) websites on a regular basis, why you would expect Google to keep paying attention to you?

What do you Bookmark?
You Bookmark every important page of your website
A very important point about Bookmarking is that people usually only bookmark the index page (or only one other page) of the website.

Always remember: Google ranks pages, not websites. If you want a page to rank, you need to send links to it. Each individual page needs to rank and stand on its own. Pick 2 or 3, or 20 main articles or your key product pages and add Social Bookmarks on a consistent basis. You don’t bookmark your privacy policy or other “support” pages . . . only the important ones.

And you need to “spread” the bookmarking out over time, and you will see these pages rank!

Social Bookmarking
By Howie Schwartz



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