Boycott GMA7

GMA Network celebrates its 59th year of existence in the broadcasting industry and is now one of the largest broadcasting company in the Philippines. But will you let this kind of TV Station to rule over the country? And will you allow your children or even adults to watch their so-called QUALITY and WHOLESOME TV programs? Even their advertisers may not let their children to watch some of their programs. They are just up to the ratings.

Since the time of their so-called EDSA 2 and EDSA 3, and even up to now, their RELIABILITY AND CREDIBILITY has been QUESTIONED. As what their news tagline says, "Walang Kinikilingan, Walang Pinoprotektahan, Serbisyong Totoo lamang", Are they saying that they will not even go to the side of truth? And they always claim in their news programs that they are "Tahanan ng katotohanan (House of Truth)". It's really ridiculous. And if you look back in the past news coverage that they have done, you will notice that they became UNFAIR to many issues. Covering and protecting a lot of people specially in POLITICS and even RELIGIOUS sectors. A lot has been discriminated due to their UNFAIR tackling of many issues. Even their other shows. It's MORALITY and QUALITY are declining.




I beg to differ, I watch both GMA and ABS CBN news and I actually prefer GMA from ABS CBN, when it comes to the news and I think that they are more credible than the latter, based on what happened during the FPJ-GMA presidential elections, specifically when Susan Roces was interviewed and she was furious at ABS for not reporting what truly went down during said elections, it made Karen Davila burst into tears because of embarrassment, because she thought Susan Roces was right...

I have yet to see GMA protecting anyone, and I believe they are much more credible than any news source in the Philippines.

As for their shows, they are rated appropriately, PG for Parental Guidance, which means they're really not for children without supervision... I find that they have more creative shows than ABS who dwell on the heavier side of drama, as seen on their roster of drama series on primetime.

Anyways, just giving you my opinion, it doesn;t mean you have to agree with me, to each his own.. :) Have a great day.. :)

yeah.. than someone like abs cbn who killed woman and children in wowowee stampede

This post doesn't really have any basis for us to boycott GMA 7. Why would we boycott them for no reason? Give us enough proof please. Thanks.


Just give you an example..please read and visit the sites above...thank you

The question is why watch TV in the first place. You are only giving the oligarchs what they wanted from you in the first place.

Take everything you see from TV with a grain of salt. TV is for the lazy.

Books have more impact on society compared to TV. Funny thing is that our customs is beginning
to make the importation of books much more costly. Now why would they do that?

< http://www.pep.ph/news/22318/gma-7-denies-partiality-in-reporting-bro.-eli-soriano-rape-case >

magandang halimbawa etong link na nasa taas na
☑ May Kinikilingan...
☑ May Pinuprotektahan...
☑ Nakikinig sa Kasinungalingan....
☑ May Relihiyong Pinapanigan...
ang station nila..

"There was an email to me why we do not answer the broadcast of GMA. There is a principle of sub judice. Under our laws, I cannot answer because I will be cited for contempt of court. That case has just started. It should not be part of the program, Case Unclosed," said Soriano, who is allegedly in Brazil.

Nice one..Hindi ko kayo pinipilit na Eboycott nyo ang GMA7..may kalayaan ang bawat isa sa atin dito...pero ako ayaw ko talaga sa GMA7, yun tapos

tama dapat tangkilikin ang makatutuhanan, hindi yung kasinungalingan & partiality!

The Boycott GMA has been listed on the international BoycottWall for the world to read.


I don't see how the show was being biased.. They asked for Eli's side, he refused because the law constrains him from doing so, hindi naman sinabi ng GMA7 na guilty sya eh, inilahad lang nila sa publiko kung ano ung nalaman nila based on what was released by the court and what was said by the accuser, hindi naman nila kinampihan ung nagaakusa. So paano naging biased un? LOL. Masyado naman defensive ung Dating Daan at ung followers nito. Sa tingin ko lang, and we are entitled to our own opinions, just to be clear I am not forcing mine on you and I don't want to offend anybody, but I think that people misunderstand things because they believe only what they want to believe. Pinalabas ng GMA7 ung tungkol kay Eli Soriano, for informational purposes, dahil it is worth talking about and not because they think he is guilty. Minsan kasi hindi naiintindihan ng mga tao ung point behind the gesture, ung masama agad ang nakikita nila. I don't see any biased opinions made on the show, the host or the network did not show preference for neither the accuser or the accused, so again, paano naging biased un?

yong kaso nayan ay denesmis na ng korte kasi sa dahiling walang matibay na ebidinsya...pero bakit inulit uli ng GMA na ipalabas? yan bang sabi mo walang biased?

As stated in the article, the case has been re-opened by the court.. not by GMA7.. duh..

Ane sana maging malawak ang pang unawa mo para ka kasing nagbubulagbulagan kung anu ano pang dinadahilan mo kung ikaw ang nasa katayuan namin na hidi iniimbistagan at basta n lang mgrereport na ala pang basehan masakit un pero kung ganyan na kakitid ang utak mo bahala ka,..kung mgakatao ka at tunay na nakakaunawa.tsk.bobo ka pala.

if your thinking this is not BIAS, you've been fooled by their BIAS programming!!

Closing the eyes;

Despite the fact that Puto admitted raping some of his subordinates as posted in YouTube, Arnold Clavio chose to close his eyes and instead honored Puto, as a credible witness. It was not even one, or two, or three victims for Puto whom Soriano said was given many chances to change. If Clavio failed to watch Puto’s admission and if he failed to watch the raped boys describe in YouTube Veridiano’s penis with a round “o” with such and such a short length, then Clavio clearly had not done his research before airing his program.

Clavio was the host of that Case Unclosed program of GMA7, obviously shown with careless abandon like it was safe to hit Preacher Soriano and get away with it unscathed. Never did Clavio try to establish the credibility of his resource person by challenging his statements. For that program, Clavio simply let the statements of Veridiano pass – a no-no for investigative journalism. For example, Clavio did not bother asking why Veridiano was excommunicated from the church and if that was true. Clavio should have done that for the audience if he wanted to show even a semblance of fairness.

Clavio began it all like he had no obligation to hear the other side of the story. There was no hedging from Clavio’s episode of patches, mostly made to magnify the picture of an oppressed “raped man.”
Infractions of good practice in journalism;
There were many infractions of good practice in journalism noticed by the ADD members.

1.) Clavio disregarded challenging his resource person that Soriano could not be around Apalit at 1:30 in the afternoon of May 17, 2000 considering that he was under treatment in Manila in the morning and then traveled to Lipa for a bible exposition afterwards. Aside from a patient’s registration copy, Soriano has a copy of the venue permit used during that day. If he really wanted to be objective, Clavio should have interviewed the two doctors of the Biological Center mentioned as having treated Bro. Soriano that day which was why Soriano could not be in Apalit raping Veridiano.

2. When Veridiano denied his signature appearing in the confession letter about raping 9 males, Clavio did not try to establish if Veridiano was lying or not. Again, if he had wanted to play fair, and to establish Veridiano’s credibility, Clavio should have interviewed those boys raped by Veridiano. The names are there in that confession letter. In Youtube, these boys gave out their testimonies against Veridiano and what he did to them. One was even just 17 that time and until now, he appears shocked, talking very little as much as possible.

see link source for more: http://kotawinters.wordpress.com/2009/07/20/ang-dating-daan-blasts-gma7-self-branding-as-house-of-truth/

so why boycott???
The news tagline,“Not siding with anyone; not protecting anyone; just genuine service” is a BIG LIE!!! a BIAS! a one sided programming!!

but wait.. they're not done yet! "REPLAY"


Ane.. eto yung Daniel Veridiano na nirape daw...sabi.. ng GMA7..panoorin mot kilalanin..


ngayon kilala mo na??

Hindi ako nagbubulagbulagan, nirerespeto ko ung desisyon. Ang punto ko lang hindi naman pumanig ang GMA7 at ung host sa specific na side, so bakit sila ang nabblame at nahuhusgahan for something that they were doing, in the first place they were just doing their job. At isa pa, ikaw ang makitid ang pag iisip dahil obviously hindi mo naiintindihan ung point ko. At hindi ako bobo. Ikaw duwag ka, nagtatago ka sa "anonymous" dahil hindi mo kaya panindigan mga baluktot mong opinion at makikitid na pangagatwiran.

Gaya nga ng sinabi ng blog owner, we are entitled to our own opinion, in-express nya ang opinion nya and so did I, don't hold that against me.

How dare you call me bobo, you ignorant boob.

If a whore claimed rape, does that mean she's not telling the truth just because she is a whore? Think about your reasoning and tell me who's stupid.

Talaga palang nagiembinto lang etong C Daniel Veridiano...nakita ko yung video sa youtube.. andoon yung..mga proweba na..nagsisinungaling lang talaga ang tao na eto..

Ane..please watch this youtube video
may kasunod yan hangang 3 episode..
para alang gulo...

Hay naku. Pakana yan ng ADD members. Marami na rin akong nabasa na boycott GMA na ganyan at karamihan sa kanila isa ang bottom line, may kinalaman sa ADD members. Yan ba ang turo ng kulang na lang eh gawin nyong Dios na si Soriano? Magaling sya sa paikot ikot at kung anu-ano na related sa Bible. Pero hindi rin naman sya santo. Teka nasaan ba sya, kelan ba sya huling umuwi ng Pinas?

Ane shongak ka talaga lam mu b un? hindi ako anonymous noh, for your information noh? wala lng akong account na hiningi nitong blog,..kya automatic anonymous ako,..hay kung ganyan ang kaparehas mu n mga tao cgurado ako mghihirap ang pilipinas haha! before ka kc mgsasabi sabi gamitin mu muna utak mu (kungmeron ka) haist..napaka wala kang kwenta d marunong umintindi pa english englih ka pa nasa pipilinas nman teo shongak! haha! wag kang pikon.

Anong bottom line yun?
Anong paki mo kung gawin nilang Dios si Soriano?
Talagang magaling sya sa Bible..walang records na natalo sya sa mga Bible debate..
Bat gusto mong malaman kung nasaan sya?
At Kelan din ba Lumabas ang inyong Sugo?

Oo..ang sugo nyong nasugo..kaylan yan lalabas para ipagtangol ang kanilang Iglesia.. ang Iglesia ni manalo.. Amor kaanib kaba dyan?

POOR INC...AMOR iharap nyo si manalong bakla at makipgdebate wg nyong bayaran ang Gma 7 haha! aminin nyo mga Bahag ang buntot ng mga INC ni Kupal na manalo. kahit halimabawa si bro eli nsa ibang bansa humaharap un ng debate khit huk up pero ang mga INC they are such a looser...kylngan pang mgbAYAD S MUKANG PERA NA GMA 7 para lang my Ipinira haha! POOR INC! POOR GMA 7.

ANE and Amor mgComment p keo d2 pra lalong sumikat e2ng Blog na e2 para mas lalong ma revealed ang Katangahan ng GMA 7 at INC na mga Duwag! kung na oofend keo mg comment lng keo, pra maibsan nman ang hinanakit nyo LoLz,..wg keong Pikon,.nsa Realaidad teo buksan nyo ang mga mata nyo ,..wg bias tsk tsk..tanggapin nyo ang pgkatalo nyo.comment p bilis.mga BOBO!

Sorry pero hindi ako INC. Besides, hindi naman religion ang magliligtas sa yo diba? Si Soriano hehehe. CHos! At yan po, Mr. blog owner, aka as Anonymous dito po nagtatapos ang pagpatol ko sa yo. OO na ikaw na!

Hey Amor...wag kang magparatang na ako ang nagcocoments na name title - anonymous...

Oh my, kala ko di na ako babalik, sabi ko last comment na, pero heto may huling hirit pa. Nabasa ko kasi ang Sugo. Anong sugo? brand ba ng peanut yun? Okay, tanggap ko na bobo ako. Ako na ang bobo. Wag lang maging kaanib nyo, sobra ang talino nyo eh, nakaka intimidate! Teka, baka lumagpas kayo sa langit ha. At saka hindi naman sisikat itong blog na ito, sus. Managinip pa. OO nga pala, gabi na. Matulog ka na Anonymous at marami ka pang lilinisin bukas, hala, techie si anonymous oh, nakakapag net. Susyal! Alam ba ng amo mo yan? harhar!

Amor umaga na po...alam po ng amo ko po na nag OL ako ngayun..nag chachat panga kami sa skype eh...
D ko pinangarap na sisikat ang blog na eto..just for fun lang po..kaya ko ginawa eto... salamat po sa pagtangap na bobo po kayo... mahilig ka sa peanut..masarap yun..

@Amor...D ka din nalayo sa anonymous kasi yung name mo unclicable..d makita ang iyong profile..kayat wag kang magtago sa pangalang Amor..malaking anonymous ka din...

Talaga naman oh..magiingat na ako nito kasi D ako naka tago sa pangalang anonymous..naka desplay panaman ang profile ko...baka damputin lang bigla ako nito..nakakatakot naman..

ang hirap kasi pag ang puno ng religion ay nagtatago, duwag, di makalabas para mapagtanggol aral nila, gumagamit ng papet, nagtatago sa ilalim ng mesa, kaya ang kawawang papet sunodsunuran na lang. boycott gma 7 ka puto....

@Anonymous: kapatid dahan dahan ka naman sa mga comment mo! hindi ganyan, iniinsulto mo yong mga tao.. tingnan mo nagkaroon tuloy ng masamang isipin sa ADD si Amor. Hindi ganyan ang turo ni bro. Eli sa atin kapatid...

to Wastematerials: It's okay hindi ko kailangan makita yang video na yan.. in the first place hindi ako naniniwala sa teachings ni Eli, but I respect your decision, pumunta ako dito sa blog mo, hindi para makipag away at bastusin ka, kung hindi para ibigay lang ang opinion ko... Kaya nga tayo ngbblog hindi ba? Para ilahad ang opinion natin, nirerespeto ko ung opinion mo pero ngbigay lang din naman ako ng opinion na obviously hindi tanggap at kaya respetuhin ng tao, okay lang, naiintindihan ko na may mga tao talagang ganyan. No hard feelings.. :)

To Anonymous: Talaga palang bobo ka, kasi ni magiwan lang ng pangalan sa napaka simpleng comment form hindi mo pa magawa. At nag eenglish ako kasi marunong ako, eh ano ngayon kung nasa Pilipinas tayo? Palibhasa wala kang breeding, wala kang common decency at bastos ka. Hindi ka marunong rumespeto sa opinion ng iba, ikaw ang makitid ang utak at namemersonal ka. Tao lang si Eli, hindi sya ang diyos, as for sa mga debate na naipapanalo nya, good for him at least hindi sya bobo katulad mo. Nakakahiya ka, mga katulad mo ang dahilan kung bakit hindi umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil puro pagmamagaling lang wala naman talagang alam.

@Anonymous: Ayan kapatid inaaway kana, inaaway mo rin kasi e! ang palay gusto ng manok yon pero pagka binato mo sa manok ang palay tiyak tatakbo ang manok at hindi kakanin ang palay na pinpakain mo. May aral tayo kapatid sana iaply natin kahit dito sa usapang ganito. Pagnabaso to ni Bro. Eli hindi siya masisiyahan dito! haaayyyy!

Hahahaha! naku sa pananalita palang nya halata na ang kulay nya!... GREEN WHITE RED!... walang utak yang pumuputak na yan na parang puwet ng manok! ako sayo untog mo nalang ulo mo sa pader baka sakaling mahimasmasan ka at mahiya ka sa balat mo kahit konti!... si DANIEL VERIDIANO ang rapist!... at teka bakit kaya ikaw ang nagrereact, ikaw na ba ang presidente ng GMA NETWORK? kawawa naman sila hindi nila maipagtanggol si Arnold Clavio kaya yung mga alagad nalang nila ang nangugulo parang yung GREEN,WHITE,RED colors dahil hindi makalabas yung sugpo este sogo, sugo pala eh! yung mga ministro nalang nila ang nanggugulo kawawa ka naman PARUSAHAN KA SANA AT ANG MGA KAPWA MO NG DIOS! DIOS na ang Bahalang gumanti sa PANINIRA NYO!... pwe!...

Hahahaha! kilala nyo ba kung sino si AMOR? amor!... ako kaya kilala mo? kasi ikaw kilala kita friends tayo eh!...... har... har... har... ano nga ulit yung sabi mo gigilitan mo si bro.eli? hinayupak ka! kilala ko kayong nanggugulo dito! hanggang dito duwag parin kayo pakita nyo mukha nyo! hahaha!
har!... har!... har!...

Please wala na sanang magsalita na mga salitang D nararapat na isabi..Thank you po..

Sinabi kong 'gigilitan ko' si Eli? Ha? You're putting words into my mouth. Gosh hindi nmn ako ganun kasama. Parehas tayong sinner pero di pa nmn umabot sa punto ko na nagwish ako ng masama sa kapwa ko o may binalak akong gilitan/patayin ang kapwa ko. Hindi naman kasi itinuro yan sa amin. I don't know about you. Nangugulo ba ako? Pakita ko mukha ko? Weeeh. Ikaw kaya mauna.

wastematerials. OO nmn, anonymous din ako kasi nga you don't know me, unlike you, I know who you are na. Obviously wla nmn akong balak magpakilala. Kung binalak ko yun eh di sana nilagay ko na rin dito ang link ng bonggang bonga kong website o ang kagandahan kong picture. chos!

Dko din binalak na kilalanin ka...

brod, tantanan mo na iyan, tagapagtangol ng manalo iyan duwag kasi si manalo hindi kayang makipag debate, kaya hanggang doon sa papa ng catholico ginagawang dahilan duwag kasi ang mga manalo, hindi kayang magtanggol ng aral kaya patalikod kung tumira, patago kung gumawa, mapagkatha-katha lang ang kaya ng mga iyan....


Go go go go go go tuloy ang boycott sa GMA 7 Ka Puto network tahanan ng kasinungalingan, kakampi sa Ka Diliman......

sa boong mundo: boycott GMA 7 botcott boycott boycott kami..........

ano ba ito mga kapatid...huwag sana tayong masumpungang gumaganti ng masama sa masama...ala tayong mapapala mga kapatid...ni hindi nila maaninag ang liwanag na taglay natin... hayaan nyo na kung pagsabihan man tayo ng kung ano-ano...alam ng Panginoon kung sino-sino tayo at baka sawayin nya po tayo mga kapatid...Tiis lang po tayo...darating din ang araw na pinakahihintay natin, matatapos din po ito...sa ngayon kinakailangan po nating magtiis...

there's a lot of damn losers on this thread! Yo pips, instead of wasting time writing stupid comments,.. why not get a life?!!

for those looking for proof. here are two:
> http://kotawinters.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/for-irresponsible-reporting-ang-dating-daan-boycotts-gmanews-anew/

read on and find out for yourselves what is ADD's reason for doing so.

Napadaan lng dito s site na to.. sa tingin po b ninyo ay matutuwa c Kristo sa mga inaasal nyo mga kapatid? Yung Ane nag pahayag lng po ng opinion nya. Hindi po natin sya kailangan sabihan ng bobo. tsk...

paumanhin s mga napadaan lang ding gaya ko. Hindi po lahat ng kaanib sa Iglesia ng Dios ay tunay n kapatid. may mga panirang damo. gaya ng mga mapag imbabaw dito. mga itinanim ni satanas para siraan ang Iglesia ng Dios. mga walang modo. hwag po tyong mayabang. daanin po natin s maayos n usap. Ngayon kung sila ang nangunang bastusin tyo, hindi po natin kailangan gumanti ng masama s masama. May Dios n nkkbasa ng puso ng bawat isa. hwag nyong sirain ang pangalang Iglesia ng Dios mga kapatid.

Yah that's true,..kaya nasisira ang imahe ng Iglesia ng Dios dahil sa ilang members ng ADD na ubod ng yayabang. akala nila alam n nila ang lahat. Ang tatalino ng tingin sa sarili nila. imbes n maakay ang mga tao, e lumalayo dahil s ugaling nakikita s ilang mga myembro. Mga mapagmataas. makanti lng ng konte ay kung anong kabastusan ang lumalabas s bunganga. Hindi ganyan ang tinuro ni bro eli s pag gamit ng tamang pananalita. daig p natin ang hindi na aralan sa kawalang modo ng ilang kapatid. kampi kampi. masama yan.

w8 :)
kya tayo bitter kasi nasagasaan ung karapatan natin
ngayon mas nagiging masahol na kayo sa binoboycott nyo dahil sa mga Boycott act and everything continious ang post and threads ng paninira
AKO idolo ko si Bro.Eli Soriano
kya patas lng aq sa kanya at GMA..i hope nkita nu ung pggng patas ko :)
ndi nmn gnyan ang tinuro sainyo ni Bro.Eli db :D
dahil sa Boycott GMA7 groups na yan bumaba tingin ko sa IBANG member ng ADD..
GoodEve And GodBless


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