Domain Research - Expired Domains

Expired Domains allows us to get domain names that have some authorithy, whether that be from the age of the domain, or the many backlinks it has.

Register Compass (http://www.registercompass.com)

o    We will be using this to find expired domains

o    Need Yahoo backlinks greater than 100 (If you can, also take a look at the backlinks to see if they are not all from the same few sites and also that they are from better quality sites)

o    Higher PR is better, but not necessary
Watch the videos there to learn how use their system.

Google Banned Check


This ensures that the domain has not be banned by Google, which just means that it has been de-indexed. Google bans domains because of what they think as spam or other things. We can't control this and hopefully this never happens to us, but that is also why need many websites to prevent Google from de-indexing everything.



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Register domain name

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How To Rgister a Domain

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